SLEMON is the world's leading supplier of sole cleaners and entrance pollution control systems. It is committed to preventing floor pollution and improving indoor environment. It is the first national high-tech enterprise in this field.

Founded in 2007, SLEMON has 60 employees and is a pioneer of sole cleaner in China. We provide professional and reliable products, solutions and services for customers in the fields of sole cleaner, wheel cleaner and integrated hygiene station.

 We insist on continuous innovation on customer demand, increasing R&D investment, well-grounded development and promoting industry progress. We have been named the fifth SHENZHEN Small and Medium-sized Enterprises Independent Innovation Top 100 Enterprises. Beginning in 2015, we have established strategic partnerships with German 100-year-old Heute, British Dycem, Japanese and Korean enterprises to create value for global customers.

 SLEMON's specialty is respected by the industry and widely recognized by the market. It has won high praise from multinational companies such as Huawei, Samsung, Panasonic, Volkswagen and Pepsi. SLEMON has business in 50 countries and regions.